AMM Studio
ATSC 3.0多功能测试仪器


AMM Studio is the integrated equipment which can Analyze ATSC 3.0 DASH/ROUTE, MMTP stream, Modifying and Transmitting immediately. (DASH/ROUTE, MMTP Analyzer, Editor, RF Generator unified and supports all digital broadcasting specifications)

AMM Studio support creating, deleting, modifying functionality for STL TP & Live IP Input. User defined test pattern with variety parameters can be created. (L1 Setting & PLP Setting, Signaling(LLS, SLS) Edit, ESG Edit, Captions & Subtitles(TTML/IMSC1) Edit, MPLP(TDM, FDM, LDM), L2 LMT Edit, Multi Subframe)
And AMM Studio support variety situations that occur in actual field.